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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tutor Talk! Peer Tutoring Discussion Board

Empowering Youth announces its Tutor Talk campaign to encourage peer tutors and tutoring advisors to connect on its online peer tutoring discussion board.

In an effort to help schools and communities establish effective tutoring programs, the Wisconsin-based educational publisher organized an online peer tutoring discussion board. Youth and adults from all parts of the world can connect to generate ideas to improve programming or enrich their tutoring skills. Advisor forums provide teachers and counselors an opportunity to exchange program ideas as well.

“Peer tutoring is one of the most valuable services youth can provide in a community,” said Empowering Youth founder Kelly Curtis. “We are hoping that our ‘Tutor Talk’ campaign will get youth and adults connecting with others to improve tutoring programs in their communities.”

Peer tutors, advisors, and others interested in tutoring programs are encouraged to join. Tutoring has become a vital tool for districts to meet standards and No Child Left Behind legislative criteria. The discussion board is one way to help prepare youth and advisors to meet the needs of students.

Peer-tutoring programs are gaining steam throughout the United States — especially as academic requirements increase and funding dwindles. And worldwide appreciation for tutors is growing as well. SPARK Peer Tutoring programs are currently implemented on three different continents. Many youth find their niche as tutors. Research indicates tutors provide a valuable service within their schools and communities, while benefiting personally as well.

As the end of the school year approaches, many districts are planning summer training sessions for tutors. This is a key time in the year to connect with other tutoring professionals and volunteers.

To visit the Empowering Youth Peer Tutoring discussion board, please visit and click on “Enter Board.” The board is easy to use and memberships are available at no cost. Users can also sign up for a periodic e-newsletter for articles related to youth empowerment.

Empowering Youth, Inc. has published research-based educational products since 2001. Current titles include: the SPARK Peer Tutoring Handbook and Training Manual, the Hidden Treasure of Assets and Career Expedition. For more information, please visit .

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