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Monday, August 07, 2006

Blogosphere Buzz

Besides the excellent Pass the Torch contest entries (GO VOTE!!), there are other great things going on in the blogosphere this week.

The Crazy Hip BLog-Mamas are telling us to "show the love" with Pajama Mama's Good Bloggin Days , a positive commenting project.

Kailani's hosting another outstanding Carnival of Family Life, which I MUST submit to next time.

And because I'm a nut for all-things-empowerment, I'm going to share with you a post by Mr Sherr, who is excited about his new position for this school year. He'll be empowering youth through the visual arts! Go congratulate him on his new position.

TOMORROW will be the inaugural edition of "Pass the Torch Tuesday" and I'll invite you to join me in posting about how you caught a kid being GOOD! Meme details, my story, and MR LINKY will be here tomorrow. See you then!


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  • Thanks for the shout out! You should definitely join us at the next one.

    I also posted a link to your blog awards!

    Have a great day!

    By Blogger Happy0303, At 5:23 PM  

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