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Sunday, August 06, 2006


(VOTING IS CLOSED - please CLICK HERE for results.)

We've received excellent submissions for the Pass the Torch Contest. Now it's your turn, as readers, to select the one you believe best illustrates youth showing their true colors as empowered and responsible young people.

Please visit each site and after reading these brief stories, select in the poll below which post you liked the most.

Mommy's Proudest Moment -- a proud mother witnessing her son caring for his youngest brother.

Asteroid Team -- kids joining forces to help out with Hurricane Katrina victims.

Holding the Book -- a child taking his turn to read, surprising his mom with his new skill.

Celebrating Manhood -- a mother's tribute to her hero son.

San Francisco - Here We Come -- an older sibling showing patience and care with younger family members.

A Servant's Heart -- a daughter who gently lays to rest a befriended squirrel.

Mommy's Sick Day -- children bringing soup to their mommy, who's sick in bed.

Polling will close Tuesday night, so please spread the word and get out the vote! The author who receives the most votes will have the opportunity to proudly display the Pass the Torch Award button below.

Thanks to Lil Duck Duck and Crazy Hip Blog Mamas for announcing our poll!

Note: Please join us for Pass the Torch Tuesday! Click here for guidelines.

A HUGE thank you to Susie at Bluebird Blogs for the excellent award and contest buttons!

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  • The contest is such a neat idea. I've found myself focusing so much more on being positive, this week, with my whole family. Thanks, Kelly.

    By Blogger Susan Stephenson, At 12:17 AM  

  • Thanks Susan! I'm so happy you've had a positive week with your family. Looking at what's right in young people has that effect on me as well!

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 12:21 AM  

  • Beautiful contest. I got your link up this morning, hopefully that will send a few people over here to vote!

    By Blogger Mama Duck, At 8:31 AM  

  • Thanks for the announcement, Lil Duck Duck! I've linked to your site as well.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 9:04 AM  

  • I submittted my vote!

    By Blogger Happy0303, At 1:11 PM  

  • I love this idea. I voted thank you!

    By Blogger Lisa, At 2:20 PM  

  • Thanks Kailani and Lisa!!

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 3:22 PM  

  • I couldn't help it. The big brother holding little brothers hand to the pool.

    touched me.

    I love my brothers (all 4 of them)

    By Blogger Pamela, At 11:26 PM  

  • They're great stories, aren't they? I love it when you feel a personal connection to a piece of writing. Thanks for voting - and commenting!

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 12:06 AM  

  • okay, I'd like to submit my post, I'm just not really sure how...I posted it on my blog...can ya help? LOL I cant believe I'm having this much trouble tonight!!

    By Blogger Samantha, At 1:36 AM  

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