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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pass the Torch Award

So - what do you think of the new design? I, personally, am thrilled. If you'll leave your comments here, I'll be happy to pass them on to Susie at Bluebird Blogs. She's a genius in my book - and a friendly one at that.

For those of you who don't recognize the airborne dock-jumper, it's my seven-year-old son. He and his sister get a lot of press on this blog.

To celebrate my new site, I'm happy to announce the Pass the Torch Award.

The general premise on Pass the Torch is: "If we believe youth are our future, we're procrastinating."


I'd love to read your posts about hopeful, empowered, responsible young people. Whether they're four or fourteen, young people have a lot more to offer to the world than we sometimes give them credit.

You've witnessed this in kids. There are all kinds of examples out there - the 10-year-old that raises $1,000 in a Relay-for-Life, the Junior Girl Scout that assists in the Brownie Troop, or the soccer nut that helps out at tournaments. But if you'd like more simple inspiration, try a few of my archived posts:

Budding Photographer
Sneak Reading
My Son, the Human Google Search
Blue Streak, Mom and Me
Independence Day Tent-Owners

Your post should illustrate empowered, responsible, youth (ages 0-20) that demonstrate the fact the future of our world is in good hands. What makes you think they could be the leaders of tomorrow --and in some cases, today!

1. Enter by emailing me the link to your current or archived post by midnight on Sunday, August 6. ptt(at)empowering-youth(dot)com

2. Please link to this post on your blog. If you'd like a Pass the Torch "sticker" for your post, just email me at ptt(at)empowering-youth(dot)com and I'll send you the code.

3. If possible, use the Technorati Tag "Pass the Torch"

4. I'll be listing all the entries next week and asking readers to vote. So send your readers over here to support you! The selected post will receive this banner for your site.

5. Submissions will be posted at the submissions hub.

And I hope you'll all join us for Pass the Torch Tuesday!

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  • I love the new design and the new "Pass the torch" contest! So ingenious of you! Let me dust one of in the archive and I'll send it to you.

    By Blogger Waya, At 12:29 AM  

  • Here's the link for my submission. Thanks for reading it!

    By Blogger Waya, At 12:31 AM  

  • Excellent story, waya! Thanks for participating!

    Gillian, that is a perfect example. You're welcome to use the banner on your website, instead of your blog. I'd love to see you post about the literacy project. It's really excellent.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 9:30 AM  

  • I love this idea! I agree with it whole-heartedly, as I always reference raising my sons as a responsibility in bringing up the future leaders of this world TODAY. Already our 5-yr-old son has touched many lives... maybe I could post about that for you.

    Love the new look, too!

    By Blogger Adventures In Babywearing, At 2:04 PM  

  • It's a nice design!! I'd try to stick the google ads up a little higher tho ;). I'll be back when I can actually read your contest without a little guy sitting here eating whipped cream off my drink and smearing it on me ;).

    By Blogger Mama Duck, At 7:30 PM  

  • Adventures - can't wait to see your post. And Mama Duck - thanks for the advice! I'm off to move Google ads. By the way, whatcha drinkin? Sounds enough like Dairy Queen for me to like it;)

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 7:42 PM  

  • Nah, just club soda mixed with caramel and vanilla syrup with some whipped cream (which Lil' Duck calls "iiii ceammm") on top ;).

    By Blogger Mama Duck, At 10:36 PM  

  • I'm reposting gillian's comment because the long link made the design all wonky. I've deleted the link and included the rest because it is such a relevant comment! Thank you!

    Very nice design!

    I'm not submitting (because I can't use a banner on my blog - but maybe I could put one on my webpage?) but I *will* use this opportunity to let you know about one of my favourite groups of teenagers who are doing some awesome stuff. Louisiana is infamous for its low literacy rates, so a group of kids from Dutchtown Middle School who work to develop literacy and love of books nationally is really something to celebrate. Team Dynamite set the ball rolling two years ago, followed by the Asteroid Team last year. Asteroid Team handled the extra difficulties thrown up by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita with the greatest aplomb. These kids are awesome, and so is their teacher, Monica Wild.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 10:51 PM  

  • Hey, you also have something odd going on at the top of your page, something about gmail but it is wrapping around your header graphic and is basically unreadable :P.

    By Blogger Mama Duck, At 11:11 PM  

  • Thanks for the head's up Mama Duck - I don't see it on my screen. Anyone else see something wonky going on? I've been messing with the code, so it's possible I screwed it up. I just don't see it here.

    By the way - your drink sounded yummy.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 11:19 PM  

  • Looks great now ;).

    By Blogger Mama Duck, At 9:24 PM  

  • Great design and Susie is awesome. Come check out the design she did for me!

    By Blogger Gina, At 3:14 AM  

  • Well, now that I read the rules, my blog entry may not be eligible! You have ages, 4-14.

    In my book anyone younger than 40 is a child! No, really. I'm ancient. LOL

    Anyway, my son--he's making a big difference in this world for the future education of YOUNGER children than he.

    So, if it's still eligible,'s my entry in the contest.

    Celebrating Manhood <— click here

    By Blogger Wystful1, At 8:53 AM  

  • Wystful1 - that is a great post!!! Do you have another one of him as a child? I bet your son was exactly the kind of young person I'm talking about. I'd like to keep the stories about young people under 20.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 9:02 AM  

  • kelly, I'm sorry. I had mentioned (though can't find my comment now) that I'd participate in a "mom's proudest moment" but now I can't find it.
    But anyway, that's alright. I'll be out of town until next Wednesday.

    By Blogger September, At 11:17 PM  

  • OOOO!!!! Awesome idea! I will defintely be participating!!! What a cool contest.

    By Blogger Knitting Maniac, At 8:57 AM  

  • I look forward to reading your posts!

    September - we'll catch you for the next contest.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 9:01 AM  

  • Well, the post above that I entered, our son IS 18 when he's celebrating his manhood, becoming a United States Marine at boot camp graduation....he was just 7 weeks out of high school at the time the picture was taken! Then it goes from there to explain what he's done since his teens.

    By Blogger Wystful1, At 4:39 PM  

  • Excellent! Thank you! I've included your entry - thanks for the clarification.

    By Blogger Pass The Torch, At 4:43 PM  

  • I do have the little button image linked from my entire blog...

    On my side bar.

    But, now I'm thinking that you mean to have it on the blog that is entered?

    I'll go add it there also.

    Happy Sunday.

    By Blogger Wystful1, At 6:57 AM  

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